Points to keep in mind while using hearing aids

September 3, 2018

Hearing aids of today are technologically more advanced than earlier ones. They are more effective and make hearing far better. At the same time, you need to know few points while using it so that you can have much more enhanced hearing experience with them and also you can keep them as good as ever for a long time. So, here are few pointers regarding the use of hearing aid, its maintenance and also how to take good care of it so that it can well take care of your hearing problem taken from

Tips for every day care: First of all, you should have regular appointments with your local doctor of audiology, who can check your hearing aids for any weariness or faults and can help you get it repaired. At other times, on a regular basis, check the battery strength. A single battery can work for about two weeks and you should replace them after that. Ensure that you have spare batteries all the time. Regular cleaning of the hearing aid is also necessary.  Use a dry and soft cloth for cleaning it. If there is wax, then use a brush to remove it. Always ensure that your hearing aid is dry and free from moisture.

Summer and winter care for hearing aid: During winter, guard your hearing aid against condensation. Store it in a dry place and never leave it outside, not even in your car. Always store it in the case provided. Also, remove it when you are getting ready for going outside as using hair dryer or body spray while you have worn it can also be not good for the life of your hearing aid. It is best to not to use them if you are engaging in an outdoor activity. And if at all, you sense a problem, then take the battery out and let it dry and then put them on.

During summer, you can protect the hearing aid with the help of some protective measures such as nano-protection and other accessories. Nano-coating works well as a barrier for hearing aids against climate conditions.

Know when to replace it: If your hearing aid has started requiring frequent repairs, then it is a sign that you need to replace it. Also, if there is a more advanced aid available and if you want more features, you can go in for the new model. If you have made new life changes or have incorporated new activities in your schedule, then you may want to have an aid that is best for these activities, be it any outdoor activity or a new job. At all times, seek the advice of your doctor of audiology. Talk to a local Portland hearing aids clinic professional.

Few more tips: Ensure that your ears are dry and clean before you wear the aid. Sweat socks can help prevent any moisture on the hearing aid. Before you go off to sleep, remove it and keep it safely in the case given to you. Also remove the batter before storing. Protect it from direct sunlight, too much heat, excessive moisture and cold. If you happen to go or to be in a place where there is excessive sound, protect your hearing aid with the help of ear muffs. If your hearing aid has a noise reduction feature, then switch it on so that you hearing aid can be protected from loud noises.